Orphanage Home

4.1.1. Objective

The purpose of building orphanage home is to provide the great Care to lots of orphan child whose biological parents either does not accept them or unfortunately deceased. In our orphanage home we accept Orphan, Semi Orphan and Street Children, child from unwanted pregnancy of trafficking / from sexually exploited girls etc. We are starting this movement to protect the street children who are left without care and support. This movement is initiated to stop generating unwanted crowed who get involved in many illegal activates, yes! it happens when their childhood is not taken care, it is quite obvious that a street child will do everything for his/her two time meals it can be theft, murder, or to accept sexual abuse. So to stop these destructive conduct Maharaj ji has taken this ultimate step.

4.1.2. Our Commitment to the Children

To provide a loving and supportive home environment for orphaned, street children and adolescents in this shelter, ensuring that all of their basic needs are met and that they shall be provided with the necessary tools to go on to lead rich and fulfilling lives, and to operate ‘outreach’ program for other children still facing.

4.1.3. Living Resources and Amenities

4.1.4 Construction Area Bifurcation ,Cost and Layout

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