Innovative Method of Teaching

Innovative Method of Teaching at Gurukulam

Our Gurukulam is place of learning where student will be provided the smart way of being excellent, Gurukulam student can compete and win anywhere in the world this has become possible because of the great combination of traditional and modern method of teaching.

Below are the guidelines of the teaching at the Gurukul.

Facilitated classrooms with Traditional Value

One can think how is it possible? But yes we have different concept of teaching which start from Gurukulam interior. Classes form junior level to Sr. Secondary will be designed with all important “Sholka”, through this way we could be able to create atmosphere where student will develop the great Indian value.

Some unique Characteristics of Traditional Gurukulam

  1. We shall follow the modern, comprehensive and traditional syllabus. This idea can make the student more skilled than others reason being they will study the material which are mandatory for these days.
  1. Student shall approach knowledge based area of study, rather than based on books.
  1. Students are trained to be far more open minded & argumentative, than those with modern education. 70% of education shall be based of regular examination and test but few courses will have no marking system for example there will be a complete study of literature based courses.
  1. There will be meditation and yoga session to release study stress from the student so that we can enhance them well.
  2. We will provide them all-round-knowledge – sometimes including agriculture, art of health, etc.
  3. We shall train them to reverence their teachers and elders.
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