4.2.1 Project Background

We, at Gurukulam, believe that each child is a potentially divine Being sent out on a purpose and all we do at Gurukulam is to facilitate the Child to express it’s true Self. Maharaj ji approach and appreciate “SANATAN DHARMA” practice, as he felt the lack of cultural practice in Indian education system, the idea behind building up Gurukulam is to bring Indian culture among all the children.

4.2.2 Aspects of Non-Governmental Initiative and Education System.

In addition to maintain Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we have initiated the modern technique of providing error free education under the roof of spiritual abilities. By this way we promise to bring a great movement in our Indian education system which will surely impact the new generation.

4.2.3 Gurukulam Service and Key Drivers.

Our Gurukulam will become a great resource of learning and excellent pillar of society which shall derives best generation with the help of below key drivers.

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Community
  • Gurukulam Managements
  • Teacher Educators
  • Gurukulam Administrators – District, State
  • Education Research and Training Agencies
  • External Stakeholders (Health, Revenue, Social Welfare, Higher Education.

4.2.4 Operating Education Model and Strategy

  • To develop the habit of being cultured our Gurukulam is will prepare the below guidelines apart from syllabus, and these shall be mandatory from day one.
  • During a group session all the students of Gurukulam has to wash and touch the feet of their parents. This habit will develop the nature of being respectful to their parents and elderly. This session shall be organized once in month.
  • Briefing on healthy atmosphere at home. Keys to develop mutual understanding with parents.
  • Session on health and habits from highly qualified consultants/ teachers etc.
  • Session on patriotism will be conducted; it shall help children to understand that why they should take care of their country and talent should not move out of India. Priority should be India.
4.2.5 Construction Area Bifurcation , Cost And Layout
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