Gurukulam Functioning Module

Gurukulam Functioning Module

Mandate Entrance Test for Admission

To be the part of Gurukulam, student has to appear with written entrance test.

Once student passes the written test they need to clear interview which conducted by the Gurukulam faculty.  Student who are able to score 80% are eligible to get the admission.

  • Special consideration for physically challenged student is available.
  • To boost up the confidence and to brighten the future of these children our faculty is little more concerned.

Junior and Senior Secondary Training System

Getting quality education systems is a dream of every parent and it requires careful attention from top to bottom of Gurukulam management. Thus Gurukulam hires best faculty who are well qualified and have great experience in their particular domain. To train the future under this roof they follow the below necessary guidelines.

  • The second module is not less important than the first one, because it concerns the Environment where you are going to study. This module takes into examination three Parameters: diversity, competition between institutions and monitoring of performance. A best environment can bring talent from the talent.
  • The Connectivity works if an education system is well connected with the rest of the society of the country and if it is linked in education that’s why our faculty gives info+edu  at a time. Only following the syllabus may not be sufficient and research also says that United States, Austria, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Denmark are the best in connectivity.
  • The last, but the most important module of all, Output. What does this module include? This is a measure of research and its impact, student performance, the national total of graduates and researchers, the quality of a nation’s universities, schools and employability of graduates.

World Class Education Product

Our Gurukulam offers top class education products, which targetsthe best result. The products are mapped as per CBSE, ICSE and various state boards of India. The products not only provide the best learning experience to students, but also create a great business opportunity in online and offline education.

Opportunity for Scholars

  • Our Gurukulam provides the economicaleducation to scholars.
  • These students will get priority in campus placement and internship program.
  • Scholar to become the part of Sanskriti Sewa Dham.
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