The construction of “AASHRYA SEWA DHAM” is planned with 8.5 acres. Below are the major achievements till date for this project.

City for establishment – The Land of Krishna, Vrindavan, Mathura (UP).

Here we have a great achievement by Maharaj Ji, he established the well-renowned temple “PRIYAKANT JU” it is also located at the city of Lord Krishna Vrindavan Mathura. Daily thousands of visitors visit this temple and the entire premises.

This temple not only includes the purpose of the visit but also provides to the accommodation to the people who came to Mathura for Darshan purpose.

It helps so lacs of poor people who cannot afford the stay in hotels etc. The best part of this temple is that they also provide a very economical food with excellent quality to everyone.

Today lacs of visitors are getting benefit from this established and this could become possible only by the extraordinary effort of Maharaj Ji.

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